The festival is almost here!

The Festival is here!

Strutt Your Mutt at the Alliston Potato Festival

The Alliston Potato Festival Strut Your Mutt Dog Talent Show, held in August of 2022, was a barking success with over 50 dogs showcasing their talents and charm. This exciting event, which took place in Alliston, Ontario, attracted participants from all walks of life, eager to show off their furry companions’ unique abilities.

The dog talent show featured five divisions, each highlighting a different aspect of the dogs’ individuality. The divisions included the fluffiest tail, cutest dog, best talent/trick, most unique marking, and best costume. The competition was fierce, as all the dogs brought their A-game and left no tail wagging stone unturned.

The event received tremendous support from local businesses, who eagerly sponsored the dog talent show. Pet Grocer, a beloved pet supply store, and Trillium Ford Lincoln, a prominent car dealership, were among the generous sponsors. Their contributions made it possible to organize and host such an entertaining event for the community. Thank you to all our generous sponsors!

To ensure fairness and impartial judging, five judges were carefully selected to evaluate the performances. Their difficult task was to determine which dogs stood out the most in each division, considering factors such as creativity, skill, and overall presentation. The level of talent displayed by the dogs made the judging process both challenging and enjoyable for the panel.

At the end of the competition, one exceptional dog emerged as the grand champion, deserving of the prestigious “grand champion” crown. Lord Wilbur, with his remarkable skills and undeniable charm and charisma, captured the hearts of the judges and audience alike. This remarkable canine truly demonstrated the essence of the Strut Your Mutt Dog Show.

In addition to providing a delightful experience for dog lovers and their four-legged friends, the event had a charitable aspect. Pre-registration was required for participants, with a nominal fee of $5 per division. All proceeds from the registration fees were directed towards Lost Boys Hope Dog Rescue, a local organization dedicated to saving and helping dogs in need. By participating in the talent show, the community showed its support for this important cause and made a positive impact on the lives of deserving animals. For more information about this amazing dog rescue visit

Due to the overwhelming success of the 2022 Alliston Potato Festival Strut Your Mutt Dog Talent Show, organizers have decided to make it an annual event. Mark your calendars for Saturday, August 12th, at 10 am, and get ready to witness another extraordinary display of canine talent and cuteness. Remember, pre-registration is required, so be sure to sign up early to secure your spot and support Lost Boys Hope Dog Rescue. 

Whether you have pup with a fluffy tail, a unique marking, or a hidden talent up their paw, the Strut Your Mutt Dog Show is the perfect opportunity to let your furry friend shine. Join the fun-filled celebration of dogs and their remarkable abilities, and contribute to a worthy cause in the process. Sign up today here:

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