The festival is almost here!

The Festival is here!


After 2 years of practicing at honing your poker skills at home on the computer, it is time to get out and put all that bluffing, and your card playing skills to test at the Domino’s Texas Hold ‘em Tournament.

The Alliston Potato Festival is hosting the Domino’s Texas Hold’em tournament on Friday, August 5 2022 to kick off the 2022 Festival.

The Alliston Memorial Arena Doors open at 6:00 pm and we will start registration at 6:30 pm.  The tournament starts at 7:00 pm

The buy-in is $40 per player with the initial buy-in paid back to the players in prize money. The $40 gives each player 2000 tournament chips. Optional re-buys are available for the first 3 levels at $20 for 2000 tournament chips to any player who loses their chips in the first three rounds. Two optional ONE TIME  add-ons are also available for $20  for 200O chips or $40 for 5000 chips.

Please bring cash as there will be no debit machine available.

We will have refreshments available for purchase.  This is a no-alcohol event. At the break, we will be serving Domino’s Pizza.

Friday August 5 make sure you order a pizza from Domino’s  for the family  for dinner and then send them out  to watch the parade and then you come join us upstairs in the Alliston memorial arena for the post COVID Hold’em Tournament on Friday night.  See you there!

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